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Usury and the Early Church

In a lecture on the Christian and finances not long ago, the lecturer informed the listeners, of whom I was one, that a Christian is perfectly free to engage in usury. This statement was one I took serious issue with, but out of respect for the lecturer and collegiate forum in which this lecture was delivered, kept my reaction to myself. What follows then is my response to that statement and my reasoning. My opinion is that usury is a grave sin, and I believe my opinion conforms to that of both Biblical theology and early Christian belief on the subject.
Now, many modern theologians have changed this definition to read "charging unreasonable interest on loans." However, as we shall see, this is not how the church has historically understood the topic. Allow me to define usury then. Usury is "the making of loans at interest."
Interestingly, The New Testament is silent on the topic, except for the words of Christ.
"And if you lend to those from whom you expect t…

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