An Early Christian Burial

This rite is taken from ancient Christian funerary inscriptions and texts. It may be offered as part of a funeral liturgy in a formal church setting, or at the graveside.

The Peace
Presbyter: Peace be to them that have gone to God. May _____________ be at peace.

Speaking to the congregation:

Presbyter: Peace be with you.

All: The peace of Christ be with you.

Presbyter: _____________ sleeps the sleep of peace; with God at peace.

The Commending
May ___________ be with God.
May ____________ be with the Living God.
May ___________ be with the immortal God.
May ___________ be in our Heavenly Father's hands.
May _________ be where the great Name of God is.
May ___________ be where God's greatness is.
May ___________ be with the Living God,
now and on the day of judgment.
Live in God, live in eternal happiness.
May _________ be with Christ and in Christ,
in the peace of Christ, live in Christ and
in the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Speaking to the congregation.

Presbyter: May your spirit be at peace. In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.

All: Amen.

The Message
Presbyter: He that is immortal suffered much for us: Jesus Christ, Son of David, glorified throughout the world, the only begotten Son, the conqueror of death. In His mercy He came down from heaven to earth, and has pointed out the way of life. He is the Way, the Truth, and the Life. All who come to Him, though they were dead, yet shall they live.


Prayer for the Deceased
Presbyter: Remember your servant ____________ and give him/her a place where there is light, a place where he/she may find refreshment. O' God the all-powerful, eternal, now and forever; Jesus Christ, Son of the Living God; Holy Spirit, who guides us into all truth, receive your servant ___________. Lord Jesus, you have conquered death, trampled Hades under foot, and given life to the world. Give rest to ___________. Amen.


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