An Early Christian First Communion

A deacon should prepare the bread and wine mixed with water. He will also prepare milk mixed with honey. The bishop or presbyter will bless all of these with a personal prayer. Then he explains to the communicant:

Presbyter: This bread is a symbol of the Body of Christ, and this wine mixed with water is the symbol of His Blood, which has been shed for all. The milk and honey mixed together are a symbol of the fulfillment of the promise made to the fathers, in which God said, "a land flowing with milk and honey," which Christ indeed established in His kingdom, both here in our hearts, and in His future return to reign as King of kings and Lord of lords.

The normal prayers of consecration in the Eucharist are offered, or those of the Agape Service. The bishop or presbyter offers the bread and wine (by intinction) to the newly baptized, saying:

Presbyter: The Body and Blood of Christ.

Newly Baptized: Amen.

The newly baptized then receives the milk and honey from an elder or deacon, taking three drinks, as the deacon or elder recites the following before each drink.

Deacon or Elder: In God the Father Almighty.

Newly Baptized: Amen.

Deacon or Elder: And in the Lord Jesus Christ.

Newly Baptized: Amen.

Deacon or Elder: And in the Holy Spirit.

Newly Baptized: Amen.


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