The Remnant is a movement, a community of disciples of Yeshua (Jesus) who recognize the errors of the modern churches and who desire to return to the original doctrine, practices, structure, and unity of the church as it existed in the first three centuries of our history. Its main purpose is the formation of disciples and the spread of the Gospel of the Kingdom. 

The Remnant's purpose is the Faith and all that pertains to it. We seek to restore all things in Messiah. To that end the Remnant exists to:

1. To systematically teach the original understanding of the Gospel, as it was understood by the disciples of the 1st century, without addition or subtraction.

2. To bring the members of the Remnant Community together for worship, edification, and instruction in the Word.

3. To re-establish the original understanding of discipleship and to engage disciples in devotional service to our Savior.

4. To establish small groups, congregations, and self-sustaining eco-villages dedicated to the early faith.

CONTACT US: theremnant@reborn.com

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