How are you different from a regular church?
We don't require anyone to leave their church to attend our study sessions. We simply provide the opportunity to gather together with like minded brothers and sisters to explore the Word of God as the disciples of the first three centuries of the church understood it.

What is the small group like?
We meet either at a local coffee shop, or in a member's home. We have a small group leader who leads the discussion, and everyone is free to ask questions and discuss the data presented. We usually share light refreshments while we do so, and fellowship together. It is very relaxed and is designed more to teach than preach.

How should I dress?
Come as you are! Nobody is here to judge you.

Why should I join you?
That's a question you should ask the Lord. If He's calling you to be a part of our small group, then you will have your answer. On a more mundane level, if you take your faith seriously (and you likely do), then you have probably wanted to be a part of something more that will help you understand your faith as the first Christians did. If that resonates with you, then you might consider joining with us as we seek to glorify God together.

What Bible do you use?
The same one you do, or that you're familiar with. Feel free to use the KJV, ESV, NIV...whatever you prefer.

Where do you meet?
We meet every Saturday morning at 11:30 am. If you would like to join us and are in the Greater Cincinnati/Northern Ky. area, send us an email for location  information.

Contact: paleoorthodoxy@mail.com

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